Batman Begins HD

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Batman Begins

Batman Begins (2005) แบทแมน บีกินส์

Batman Begins 

Batman Begins A young Bruce Wayne is assaulted by a group of bats in Gotham City. The bats cause him to develop fear. fear. Bruce together with Thomas his parents, and Martha goes to the theatre. He is terrified of bat-themed performers and asks to be taken to his home. The masked killer Joe Chill kills Bruce’s parents, leaving Bruce with a child. After giving evidence against Carmine Falcone, Chill is granted parole fourteen years afterward. Bruce is planning to murder Chill as a retribution for his parents. However, Falcone’s assassins are able to do it first. Bruce’s childhood acquaintance Rachel Dawes scolds Bruce for not observing the law, and claims that his father will be ashamed. Bruce confronts Falcone who says to Bruce that power can only be earned by being fearful. Bruce spends the next seven years traveling the world, acquiring techniques for combat and specializing into the criminal underworld.

He is able to meet Henri Ducard in a Bhutan prison and recruits Henri Ducard to join the League of Shadows that is headed by Ra’s al Ghul. Bruce is able to complete his training in ninja tactics and slays his fears. He is then informed that the League is aware of Gotham and is planning to take it down. Bruce is unable to comply with the League’s order to kill and burns down the temple, while trying to escape. Ra’s death is believed to be due to falling debris. Bruce saves Ducard unconscious. Bruce is back in Gotham with a goal to stop criminals. Bruce is interested in the family business, Wayne Enterprises. But, William Earle is taking the company to the public. Bruce has access to the prototype defense technology through Lucius Fox who is a close friend and Archivist. Bruce is depicted as a childish playmate to Rachel as he sets the foundation of a base under Wayne Manor and adopting the superhero identity “Batman” to escape childhood terror.

Batman is able to intercept an illegal drug shipment and provides Rachel who is now an Gotham Assistant District Attorney, evidence to prove his case against Falcone. Batman also asks Sergeant James Gordon to take him into custody. Falcone is detained by Dr. Jonathan Crane is a corrupt psychologist who was instrumental in smuggling drugs into Gotham. Crane wearing the mask of a scarecrow, sprays Falcone with an hallucinogen that induces fear that makes him insane, and then he is taken to Arkham Asylum. Batman is able to escape from the spraying of the hallucinogen. But, he’s burned by Crane as he investigates his crime. Alfred saves him by providing him with an antidote for the hallucinogen Fox has created. Crane confesses to Rachel that he introduced the drug into Gotham’s water system. Rachel then accuses Crane. Crane is then injected the hallucinogen in Rachel however Batman is able to subdue Crane and sprays the chemical to investigate him. Crane claims that he is a part of Ra’s al Ghul.

Batman escapes the police after attracting a huge number of bats towards Rachel’s house. He makes a loud sound to draw bats. To bring Rachel to safety, he gave an antidote Rachel and also gave the girl one vial of Gordon. The second was intended for mass production. Bruce’s birthday celebration sees Ducard come back and reveal that he is Ra’s al Ghul. He has snatched an extremely powerful microwave transmitter which Wayne Enterprises had given him and is planning to take over Gotham’s water source. This would render the drug illegal and trigger a mass panic , which will destroy Gotham. Bruce is forced to die when Bruce set Wayne Manor on the fire however Alfred is able to save Bruce. Ra’s puts the microwave source in Gotham’s monorail to let the drug out from the city’s main drinking water supply. Batman saves Rachel and then exposes his identity. The Ra’s are accosted on the monorail. Gordon uses the Tumbler cannons to destroy the monorail. Batman refuses to kill Ra’s, but decides to save Ra’s. He swoops away from the train, and it causes a crash and kills Ra’s.

Rachel displays her respect and love for Bruce however she realises that she isn’t able to be right now with him. She informs Bruce that Gotham isn’t in need of Batman any more, and that they can be together. Bruce informs Batman that he has purchased an ownership stake in Wayne Enterprises. He fires Earle and replaces the former with Fox. Sergeant Gordon is promoted to Lieutenant and demonstrates Batman the Batman-Signal. He also informs Batman about the crime of a person who has left behind Joker-themed cards. Batman promises to look into it, and then disappears in the darkness.