In January 2021, Virginia’s very first online sport booking platform will go live. ufabet24 will include Draftkings, RiversBet, and MGM. Youth and college games are not currently available for wagering. Online Sports Booking will also be available in the District of Columbia starting June 2020. This gaming industry is controlled by the Federal Office of Lottery and Gaming. In West Virginia, state-licensed casinos are able to offer sports betting. Visit for more details.

The legalization of online betting on sports has been followed by a surge of business and legislative momentum. While online sports betting is now legal in a majority of states, four major American sports leagues have formed partnerships with betting companies for sports and have established official channels for sports booking. Retail casinos have responded to the Coronavirus outbreak by launching new channels to book sports. This has also led to an increase in online sports betting. Casinos in person are now looking for ways to leverage their existing gaming capabilities.